Sunday, July 03, 2011


Some time ago I've been searching for book which would help me ta master techniques of SEO and SEM.

First I was trying to find some articles in the Internet but there were only single publications about it loosely connected with each other. Then I found interesting book - bestseller about SEO - "SEO Warrior".

I was kind of person that was thinking that all this SEO stuff was something we could do and forget about it. And I was really wrong... In fact the most important thing on our site is the content. Of course we could help search engines to index our site but if we don't have interesting articles and stuff it would be very hard.

We can acquire some extra traffic from social media but again if we don't have something really interesting it would be even harder. The book describes this techniques as SMO.

Another important thing about our website is external links - the more links are to our site the more chances are that someone will find us in the big world of Internet.

I must say that I was impressed by it. It's definetely worth reading. Everybody who is responsible in e-commerce should read it.

The book has also website connected with it:

So if you're looking for companion of techniques and you're trying to prepare checklist want you need to do if you want to acquire some traffic to your website I can recommend this position as the good source of knowledge.

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